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The problem of "Revenge Porn" is in the news again as campaigners argue for the anonymity of victims consistent with other sexual offences . Revenge porn is a devastating crime for its victims. Similarly, an often hidden crime is "Sextortion". Online sexual exploitation is usually associated with the abuse and exploitation of children but older children and adults and be targeted also. It is a viscious activity of organised crime. As such the National Crime Agency (NCA) are working to raise awareness of sextortion, how to avoid being a victim and what to do if you are a victim. Help is available. Below is a window to the NCA Sextortion advice page. 

What is Sextortion? 

Sextortion is a cybercrime. Criminals utilise social media, dating and messaging apps to target individuals, befriend them and encourage the exchange of explicit sexual images of themselves, often via web cam. The victim is then told that their activities have been recorded and unless they pay the criminals the recordings will be shared via social media, their email contact list with firends, family, workmates. 

How Prevalent is it ? 

Sourc:(Brookings, 2019). 

View the NCA Advice Page Below 

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