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The Adapted SIPPS for CSE 

The Adapted SIPPS for CSE is a structured assessment protocol intended principally for use in the assessment of risk of Child Sexual Exploitation and can be used to contribute to Single Assessments, ABE Interview Strategies and disruption and prosecution strategies when there are CSE concerns.This assessment and intervention protocol is adapted from the Systemic Investigation Protection and Prosecution Strategy (SIPPS) for Trafficking of Human Beings and Modern Slavery. 
Duration: 3 Days Trainers: Craig Barlow and Alec Love 
Provide practitioners with a new, validated approach to the assessment of, and intervention in, cases of CSE.  
Examine and understand child sexual abuse and exploitation in a variety of contexts with a view to developing excellent practice that is informed by state of the art research and clinical consensus. 
Describe and explain the spectrum of child sexual exploitation 
Understand the relevant legislation that can be utilised in the prevention, disruption and prosecution of sexual exploitation 
Understan Risk and vulnerability in terms of Historic Condition, Current Condition and and Current Consequential factors 
Apply trauma informed practice to understand the dynamics of the abusive relationship 
Understand and recognise perpetrator and its relevance to risk assessment, ionvestigation, prosecution and safety planning 
The programme is supported by The Adapted SIPPS Handbook and comprehensive reading materials plus 6 months continuing access to the course Practitioners Page where excerpts from the presentation and other materials are available. 
The course combines synidicated group work and didactic presentations with detailed and complex video case studies and practical learning exercises. 
" An Example of Excellence in Practice." Graham Ritchie,Principle Policy Advisor at the Office of the Children's Commissioner 
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