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This Section is for practitioners that have enrolled on the Train the Trainers Course to deliver Modules 1,2 and 3. It Provides downloads of handouts and other resources and links to the Trainer's Forums in Moodle. 
To be able to teach each module effectively it is necessary to have spent sufficient time to fully familiarise yourself with the programme and the course content. The course content includes the material that is included in the module pages and Moodle content. 

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Resource: Download the Module 1 Face to Face Teaching Programme HERE  

Becoming an Effective Trainer 

Responsibilities of the Trainer 
Setting the initial mood of the group: It is for the trainer to make the training classroom welcoming and set the tone for the forthcoming event. 
Creating an effective climate for learning. Manage the physical environment as best you can to ensure the groups physical comfort. Constantly monitor the group for signs of disengagement or fatigue and be prepared to deal with difficult or disruptive members. 
Motivate students to participate in the learning process 
Be accepting of comments, avoid getting defensive. 
Offer yourself as a resource - invite people to follow up discussions with you after the training e.g. in the discussion forums in Moodle or via e-mail, if you have further reading or suggestions to assist a person or group offer to provide this upon request. 
Allow for limited debate and/or challenges of the ideas presented. 
Discuss how the learning can be applied in real world applications. 
Make yourself available at the beginning of breaks and after class to field individual student questions 
Always treat the learners with respect 
Avoid stereotypes. 

Trainer Dos and Don'ts! 


Present with a positive mental attitude 
Dress appropriately 
Be enthusiastic 
Be energetic 
Avoid excessive slang and vernacular 
Speak clearly 
Practice what you preach 
Be aware of your body language 
Be prepared well ahead of the event 
Be sensitive to individual and group needs, views and experiences 
Acknowledge learners 
Use your sense of humor 
Be respectful 
Be accessible,approachable and responsive 
Be flexible but also maintain your schedule 


Be too formal 
Be a know it all 
Be unprepared 
Talk down to learners 
Be distracting 
Loose control 
Catch people unprepared 
Be afraid to say you do not know 
Avoid eye contact 

Common Mistakes: 

Poor first impression 
No objectives 
Dull, dry and boring delivery 
Being frozen in one spot 
Weak eye contact 
Poor visual aids 
Weak close 
No humor 
Poor preparation 
No audience involvement 
No enthusiasm or conviction 
Poor facial expression 

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Module 1 Handouts 

Module 2 Handouts 



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